Artificial intelligence for mobile app development

Artificial intelligence or AI, is taking an upward spiral in different aspects of the industry. This involves the IT industry, which includes Mobile App Development. Mobile apps are a must for modern businesses nowadays, and owners are in a battle of who will develop better, more efficient mobile apps.  

It allows companies and owners to build brand awareness, gain customer loyalty, and promote themselves at the same time. It’s all-in-one. In research done just last month, there were 111.000 apps released on Google Play Store. That’s a lot!

There are new mobile app ideas every day and it is time for something more innovative and creative. 

This is where Artificial intelligence takes place. Carry on reading to find out how AI is used for mobile app development. 


Is using Artificial intelligence complicated?

The beginnings of Artificial intelligence date back to 1954, when only a handful of scientists were able to understand the technology and to use it. Over time, the complexity of AI became less of a problem, and more and more people became interested in it. Today, thanks to advanced tech and people’s curiosity, Artificial Intelligence isn’t something hard to understand, and the number of people loving the services it provides is getting higher by the day. 


Artificial intelligence is all around us, we’re just not seeing it

Many people do know what AI is, but some of us still think of giant robots taking over the world when AI is mentioned. Artificial intelligence is best described as a machine programmed to help humans. It was developed by scientists to help them, later-on replace them when the working environment is dangerous. 

We even have it in our homes. Well, most of us anyway. Remember those vacuum cleaners that work all by themselves? All you need to do is turn them on and keep your feet off the ground. Well, you should thank AI for making that possible. Something new on the market is the AI lawnmower. On the second thought, Artificial intelligence doesn’t sound that terrifying after all, right?


Using Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

How can we use AI in app development? You’d be surprised to hear that there are many ways. To better understand its place in mobile app development, we need to look into its characteristics, and after that, we will give out a few suggestions for you.

  • Fast learner

AI is designed to learn from humans, even copy their behavior or certain patterns. Just imagine what would happen if you teach an Artificial intelligence machine to write down a code for you? No mistakes whatsoever and a successful code from the first try! Sounds too good to be true? That’s the future we’re talking about! 

  • Completes repetitive tasks without any problem

Sometimes, you need to do a certain task multiple times. This one is easy to solve- you just click copy and paste. But it gets kind of boring to do the same thing over and over again. You eventually get fed up. This is where AI steps in.  Artificial intelligence recognizes those patterns and does the work for you, which is great at times. The same thing happens with mobile app development- AI recognizes certain patterns and does at least ⅓ of the job for you. 

  • It is accurate 

If you teach AI correctly, it’s accuracy is going to be 100%. After that, you have nothing else to do, but sit back and relax, while Artificial intelligence takes over the work. You won’t have to worry about extra letters, grammar mistakes, or similar things ever again. Don’t get us wrong, mobile app development cannot be done completely by AI, but there are few parts that can be completely left out by developers and later on filled with Artificial Intelligence. 


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Mobile app development and Artificial intelligence in the present

Even now, AI is part of the mobile app development process. Here’s how:

  • Speech recognition tech 
  • Biometrics 
  • Emotion recognition 
  • Image and text recognition 
  • Mobile app data collection


Speech recognition tech in mobile apps 

In mobile app development, speech recognition technology is commonly used. There are many apps that use this function, and we’ve never questioned it. 

Using the speech recognition tech on the mobile app makes the app compatible with the latest AI trends. 



Identifying, acknowledging, and analyzing human behavior, looks, and patterns. It can recognize human shape, structure as well as the size of the human body. 

also, we use biometrics because it recognizes voice and it has a face recognition function.


Emotion recognition

This is an interesting part of AI that can be used in mobile apps. AI can be specifically designed to recognize certain emotions from the human face. This is achieved by a complex work of analyzing the human face and its movements. Also, those emotions can be detected through the voice of the person (cheerful, lower tones, slower or faster speaking). It all depends on the tech and the programming used. 


Image and text recognition

Image recognition is a great addition to mobile app development. We use image recognition for recognizing license plates, face recognition as well as analyzing certain diseases in the medical field. 

The same goes with text recognition when it comes to mobile app development. With this, you’ll be able to find specific news and information on a subject of your choice. 


Mobile app data collection

Mobile apps also use Artificial intelligence to collect data. After analyzing some situations, tracking the clients’ movements as well as patterns, AI can help by predicting the future outcome of those patterns. This can help you as a businessman to grow your business and to add certain products and services on your app that will be of great use to your clients.


How to use Artificial Intelligence in Mobile app development

First off, you need to decide which AI function you’d like to include in your mobile app. After that, it’s easier. 

Here, we will present to you a few different ways to include AI in your mobile app.


  • Include Audio or video recognition in your mobile app
  • Create a friendly and intelligent virtual assistant
  • Include learning customers patterns and behaviors 



No matter if you own an Android or iOS app, the outcome of the AI will be pretty much the same. Artificial intelligence mobile app development can be expensive but you cannot put a price on quality. By including Artificial intelligence in mobile app development, you’re bringing your app a lot closer to the apps in the future. That is a great deal, especially if you want your app to be innovative, modern, creative. 

Remember, we can approach AI from two different perspectives:

  1. The mobile app developer

Mobile app developers can use AI in the mobile app development process. It can be of great help, make them work faster and more efficiently, find different mistakes, and even provide simple solutions. It cannot replace mobile app developers, but it can make their work a lot easier. 

  1. You and your customers

Your mobile app will look futuristic. It will have easy access, usage, and customers will love it. That’s exactly what you need- a high-functioning and high-quality mobile app.

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