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Hiring a development team for your app or website is much wiser than choosing a freelancer. In the following, we’ll share with you the main differences between the two, and all of the benefits you’ll be getting from an experienced development team. To make this easier for you, we’ll go through the pros and cons that come with hiring a development company. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll be able to make the best decision for yourself. 

The development team for your project

Development teams are organizations that have tons of experience behind them, and they have the right and newest approaches when it comes to building your app or website. All of them are professionals that will provide only the best for the clients. 

Pros of hiring a development team 

All you need in one place 

When it comes to developing something that many people will use and visit, later on, things can get pretty complicated. The development process requires different skills, starting from graphic designer ones, going onto the programming language, and topping it all off with people who will later on test the final product.  By hiring a development team, you get everything you need, as development companies come with graphic designers, programmers, and other valuable members, who will make your finished product functional and ready to be used. 

Freelancers are normally specialized in one niche. If they code your project, there is no guarantee that they’ll do the designs as well. They’ll test the project, see if everything is working as it should, but they’ll only take on projects they are already familiar with. 

You trust them 

Your company has some valuable information that can easily be leaked online, and that’s the last thing you want to happen. The good thing about development companies is that they are highly trusted, and your sensitive info will be safe with them. In the beginning, some companies will even propose signing an agreement or other kind of legal document, for your safety. This will only make you trust them more, and for a good reason. 

Freelancers don’t normally sign any form of contract with you. You hire them online, wire them the money, and they send you the project later on. There is no guarantee that you’ll be 100% safe. That’s why you need to do a throughout the search and check their reputation and resume as well. Only opt for a freelancer if you completely have trust in them. 


The development team will be dedicated to your project for as long as it takes. If you set a deadline, by previously speaking to the team, then expect the whole project to be done by that date, with no delays. Even if there is some hold-back, the team will make sure to explain everything to you, and they’ll even work extra hard to make sure the delay is as small as possible. Also, if you decide to stop your project for a little while, because of a budget shortfall, they’ll save up all the progress and continue the work as soon as you give them green light to do so. 

Cons of hiring a development team

Like everything, hiring a development team may come with some disadvantages as well. The biggest one of them all is the pricing. Usually, development teams are established companies that have certain prices, and their rates are a bit higher than normal freelancer ones. If you pay a freelancer around 500$ for a simple website, you might want to double that price for your development team. Other than that, the cons are minimal, and if you really want a high-quality product that will meet all of your demands then you should definitely go for it. 

When you think of it like this, it looks plain simple, development teams cost more, freelancers cost less. But, that’s not always the case. If you hire a freelancer, you might end up giving away much more money than you originally thought you would. Freelancers aren’t that reliable, they can leak your information, and due to drawbacks, your finished product might take longer than you’ve expected. So, sticking to the safe side is better.

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