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Mobile app development is a serious process that will take up a lot of your time and effort, so the final result should be absolutely flawless. That way, you’ll be satisfied, and the users will be thrilled. The last thing that you want is all of that effort to be in vain, and the app to be just another ordinary application that people will download. 

You need to make something new, different than anything else. The pressure is high, and so is the risk. In the end, you’ll become well-known for developing one of the best, or one of the worst apps that have seen the light of the day. For that purpose, this article is dedicated to all of the mobile app developers. It will share some valuable advice on app development and the latest trends. 

Developing a successful mobile app

Proper research 

One of the most important things when it comes to mobile app development is market research. Do people need an app like the one you’ve imagined? Who will benefit from it? Can all people use it? To answer the last question, if everyone can use it, then the app is not that good. You need to have a target audience for your mobile app. For instance, if your target audience is older people, couples, mature adults, you would avoid developing a dating app such as tinder. They wouldn’t benefit from it at all, and they won’t take a second look at it. But, this would be quite successful amongst younger generations, single people and ones looking for fun and possibly a life partner. 

The same goes for every other mobile app idea. You get an idea, do proper research on the market, and then you proceed with your next step. You can also do some quickie online surveys. People will gladly fill them up, and you’ll get an idea of how much success will the app bring you. If you want to see your competitors, use keywords that best describe your app and browse app stores and google. You can even download similar apps and see what they offer. That way, you’ll get an insight into how unique your app really is. 

The right platform

Oh, the ongoing battle between Android and iOS. It’s been going on for ages, and it continues as we speak. Once you’ve decided on your app and you verified that it will be a success, you need to decide on what platform you’ll release your app. Some mobile apps are strictly meant for Android users, while others are meant for iOS users. Very few apps work for both platforms perfectly, and you’ll either have to make your app more general, or you’ll be forced to develop two similar, yet different apps for both of them. 

Apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram work for both platforms, and their success is huge. But, their ability to work without glitches is not the only factor that made them famous and used by many. There are a few other things that you should pay close attention to, such as their details, many different functions, the wide range of users… as you can see from them, the target audience is broad and different, but that is because those apps connect people better and have different functions for everyone.

The app should run smoothly

First off, there is nothing worse than a mobile app that keeps crashing all the time. The screen freezes, it doesn’t refresh, it’s constantly late and takes up a lot of your time. The ideal app should run smoothly, without making your phone slow. There are some tricks to grab your users’ attention and to show them the app is still functioning. 

One of them is to use symbols such as sliding and bouncing when they try to refresh the app. You’ve seen it on Instagram when you refresh your news feed. The second way to do so is by using animation when the user decides to click or swipe. That way, while the process is taking place, the user will know that the command was accepted and is proceeding at the moment. 

Earn from your app

If you don’t charge downloading the app, then you have to find a new way to make money out of it. Have you considered doing paid ads? Companies can pay you per ad, and you’ll promote them in a way that won’t bother your users too much. Another way to profit from what you’ve made is by charging certain features or functions. Let’s say, changing the background to a dark theme, or a custom theme can be charged, and people can purchase different backgrounds at a certain price. 

There are minor functions that people are also willing to purchase, such as a fingerprint lock, a face recognition… They can be easily added to your app, and they can bring you a little fortune. But, don’t go overboard. Your app still needs regular updates and some free-of-charge functions that will keep your users happy and satisfied with the app.

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Developing your first mobile app can be a challenging task, but with the right approach and guidance, you can create a successful app that meets your users’ needs. By doing a proper research, choosing the right technology stack, and the right mobile app development team, testing and quality assurance, and launching and marketing your app, you can create an app that stands out from the crowd.

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