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Upwork is a great way to become successful and to get loads of work. In this article, we will review how to get more Upwork clients!

Your Upwork profile is the first thing that the potential client will see when they open up your proposal. That’s why you need to make it interesting and eye-catching. With time, you’ll be able to get a job offer, without even proposing.

In the following, here are a few tips and tricks on getting more clients on Upwork!


Result- focused headlines attract Upwork Clients

Headlines are the first thing that potential Upwork clients will see on your Upwork profile, so make sure that they are intrigued by it! 

For example: instead of “websites made with WordPress” why don’t you try “we’ll help you get your business a step ahead with a WordPress website”.

Another headline would be: get a high-quality WordPress website for your business”


Testimonials mean more than self-description

When other people express positive things about you and your products or services, it’s way more valuable than when you do it. That’s why testimonials matter. The testimonial doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to contain percents, success earned income… 

If you don’t have any testimonials at all, then try asking your previous clients for one. Again, at this moment, you’re not looking for perfection, you’re looking for action! 

The testimonial needs to have details on the work, communication, and the overall quality of the work. It should be just enough to make people interested and curious to find out more about you and your offer. 

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Formatting is everything

Let’s face it- nobody likes reading big, bulky paragraphs with little to no message at all. 

Here’s one example of a badly written intro:

We are WonderIt and we are a web and mobile app development company that will give you the best high-quality app for your business. Make sure to contact us to find out more about our services, vision, and our way of working. We have a skilled team that will provide you the ultimate best app possible. If you’re looking for a great app, you’re at the right place. 

You need to try the following tips when it comes to writing the intro. 

  • Stick to smaller paragraphs;
  • Make the potential client heard;
  • Try not to repeat yourself;
  • Include the crucial keywords;
  • Use sentences of different length;
  • Give out the message clearly;

Now that we know those tricks, let’s try rewriting the same intro, but a lot better:

Looking for a web and mobile app development company online? We at WonderIT have a team of skilled professionals, that will give you a high-quality, functioning app in no time. 

With our way of work, communication and advice, you will get the very best out there! 

Make sure to contact us to find out more and to possibly make a deal!

See? It’s not perfect, but it’s got all that it needs- from keywords, sentence length, paragraphs, to bringing the clients curiosity! 


Stick to one niche

There are tons of profiles on UpWork that offer different kinds of services. For example, a profile that would offer you digital marketing, graphic design, and web development, as well as content marketing all at once, doesn’t seem reliable. Most clients will aim for businesses and people that operate in a certain niche. 

Keep this in mind when creating your UpWork profile, because it can be a deal-breaker from the start. 


Focus on the UpWork clients

When creating an UpWork profile, you need to focus on the client and their needs. Focus more on telling them how they can benefit from the services that you provide. The best way to do so is to change all the ‘I’ and ‘WE’, with ‘YOU’ and ‘OUR CLIENTS’.

By doing so, you’re making the client feel important and their project wanted.  Small words such as those, can make big changes. 


Deliver the message 

We mentioned this in the paragraphs before, but it is really important. After the whole introduction, the client needs to be willing to work with you. That’s why you need to persuade them to do it. 

Using simple sentences can make the client reach out to you. Here are few examples that you might consider adding at the end of the intro:

  1.  If this is the result that you’re going for, what are you waiting for? Contact us! 
  2. Feel free to contact us any time, we’re here to make your dream a reality! 
  3. Send us a message, so that we can schedule a time for a call!


The important thing here is to never beg the clients to call you! 

You can clearly see that we’ve never mentioned something in the lines of ‘Please give us a call, we will do anything!’. 

Clients usually don’t like this, because it gives out the impression that you’re desperate for work, you’re only getting a few projects, and the overall impression of you and your company changes immediately. Avoid it! 


Put yourself in the position of an Upwork client

This is a very important trick that many freelancers use. Create a client profile on UpWork and post a small project. 

After a while, proposals will start showing up. That way, you’ll be able to see how other companies manage their clients, the way they communicate, their rates, and their way of working. With this, you’ll put yourself in the position of a potential customer, and by doing so, you’ll understand the whole process a lot better! 

Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes gives you the opportunity to notice a lot about the companies. You will notice their intros, advice, as well as the bad sides in their strategy. This is a perfect situation that helps you fix the things that you are missing. 



By the end of the article, we’re sure that you’ve gained a few valuable tricks that will bring you more Upwork clients. Make sure to implement those and to see if there are any significant changes. We guarantee you that you will see them right away! 

Using different kinds of methods and strategies can be of great help, especially if you’re new to Upwork. Small details can make a huge difference!

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