WordPress Vs. React.js

You’ve decided that you want to have a website developed, and both Reactjs and WordPress offer you great functionality and high efficiency. It is a constant battle between the two, and articles such as this one will help you in making the final decision. Web development teams are often conflicted between the two, and in the following, we’ll share all the pros and cons that come with each one of them. 

React.js VS. WordPress


WordPress is a user-friendly software that requires basic knowledge from the user, so even less experienced developers can produce high-quality, functioning websites thanks to its service. It has some beautiful designs, templates, tons of functions that you can add to your site… it was once developed as a blog-publishing service, but over time it evolved into one of the widely used website developing platforms that have a huge base of loyal users.

Why choose WordPress?

First off, WordPress is widely used, and you’ll have support on each step of your journey with it. Even if you get stuck, there are tons of online videos and people who are there to help you. Regular updates are keeping you safe, and security is one of WP’s main goals. You can develop your website without worrying about viruses. 

WordPress supports different functions to your sites, such as blogs, posts, comments, media, and more. Last but not least, it is SEO friendly, so expect to hit that first Google page in no time, thanks to all the propositions and ideas that WordPress gives you in terms of your page. 

Are there any disadvantages to WordPress?

As with any other big platform, WordPress comes with disadvantages of its own. The biggest one of them is the constant updates. While they are great for improving security, they can sometimes cause problems with websites, and you’ll be forced to reverse those updates in order for the site to function properly. 

Being an open-source platform is also a minor disadvantage since those kinds of platforms are more vulnerable. You’ll be getting all the goodies that an open platform can offer, but you’ll still be at risk. Also, many WordPress themes contain some extra generic code, that can make your website slow, so you need to check that out and fix it, in order to make your site faster. But, the hard part here is to determine what code is necessary, and what part of the generic code is extra. 


React (also known as Reactjs and React.js) is an open-source platform, such as WordPress that is used to develop websites that are more complex and bigger in general. It is maintained by Facebook and a group of community and developers. React.js can be used to develop user interfaces, but it’s widely used to produce mobile apps as well. Thanks to its wide usage, it is quite popular but it requires advanced knowledge in coding. 

Why choose React.js?

There are tons of advantages when it comes to React, and we’ll go over them in the following. Most important of all is that you can create dynamic websites fairly easy all thanks to HTML. you can reuse some components, as any component comes with unique order and logic. That component can be easily reused in different parts or projects, which will save you tons of time. The platform performance is flawless, and it also gives you access to the JS library, which allows developers to choose the way they want to design their projects. 

Are there any disadvantages to React.js?

If you’re an experienced developer, then you’ll have no problem using React. But, you’ll need to upgrade yourself constantly, as the platform develops rapidly, and new changes and additions are made every day. JSX is also a requirement, which has a complex learning curve. Also, because of the rapid development of the platform, there is no time for documentation, and you might find yourself lacking some of it. But, if you’re fast-paced, the platform will do wonders for you. 


Both of the platforms mentioned above are great for web developers and they require different levels of knowledge. The platforms are open-sourced, and they offer different designs and templates for your project, and when it comes to functionality, you can’t go wrong. The disadvantages are practically the same with both, and depending on your preferences you can choose your fit!

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