staff augmentation

Simply said, staff augmentation is an outsourcing technique that enables you to add highly qualified tech skills to your team without incurring the time and costs associated with hiring a full-time employee. You can use staff augmentation services to construct a whole, dedicated team via an outsourcing business, or you can use them to fill a single gap on your team, depending on your needs.

In either case, you would normally start the process by partnering with an outsourcing or staff augmentation provider to interview candidates that they have available. Then you would choose team members who best met your requirements. The team members you select then integrate themselves into your current internal team, upholding your corporate culture and cooperating with your strategic goals and development process.

The Three Types Of Staff Augmentation

Depending on your precise demands, your staff augmentation model may change. Commodity, skill-based, and highly skilled staff augmentation are the three main categories.


Commodity staff augmentation does not necessitate specialized training. The need for this staff augmentation strategy is more urgent than it is to develop certain capabilities.

As a result, this kind of staff augmentation could also include retail, factory jobs, or manual labor.


In a staffing approach known as skill-based staff augmentation, companies determine the precise knowledge and abilities needed for a job or project and then hire people with those skills on a temporary or permanent basis. Without having to spend money on staff training or development, this might be an efficient method to get the skills and information you require.

When thinking about skill-based staff augmentation, there are a few factors to keep in mind. You must first determine the information and skills you require. Then, you must track down specialists who possess those abilities. The expert must then be incorporated into your team and the relationship must be managed. With this kind of adaptable team augmentation services, firms are looking for a certain skill set but may not need a strategic, expert-level employee (as they would the highly-skilled model).


To cover urgently needed positions or address skill gaps, highly competent staff augmentation might be deployed. You can give your own employees more time to work on other projects by employing specialists in particular fields.

When personnel augmenting, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Finding employees who are true authorities in their profession comes first. Paying for someone who is even slightly superior to your current workforce is pointless. Second, you must be explicit about the results you want from the augmentation. What are the objectives and goals? What are the outputs?

Staff augmentation can be a terrific strategy to increase productivity at your organization if you keep these points in mind.

The goal of this augmentation strategy is to assist businesses obtain a competitive edge by locating an outsourcing partner that can supply elite personnel. For instance, they might be seeking a Python developer with extensive experience creating Python-based eLearning platforms rather than just a Python developer.

Top 3 Benefits Of IT Staff Augmentation

1. Access to a larger Talent Pool

Thanks to staff augmentation alternatives for IT firms, businesses have access to a substantial labor pool of highly qualified workers. The ability of a corporation to exploit the talent on the market is constrained by permanent hiring. Staff augmentation, on the other hand, enables employers to hire more highly skilled millennials.

Candidates for staff augmentation usually have a specialty on a certain area, which makes their techniques unique and advantageous. The ability to collaborate with seasoned individuals that the firm may not be able to afford to hire on a regular basis but who can lend their talents for a short project is another benefit of staff augmentation services. Therefore, by facilitating the employment of specific skill sets, staff augmentation solutions for IT firms improve any company’s resource pool.

2. Access to New and Contemporary Opinions

The millennial generation has a lot to give in terms of modern worldviews, even while it is true that experience comes with age. A fixed personnel network frequently leads to a stagnation of ideas and viewpoints for expanding the organization and boosting earnings. Newly emerging business demands frequently demand the use of novel and unusual methods to produce results. 

Therefore, the advantages of IT staff augmentation allow businesses to interact with the perspectives of a wide group of specialists rather than functioning repeatedly with a box of recycled ideas. Employing people specifically for a project enables businesses to use fresh thinking to advance their operations.

3. Hire on the Go

The flexibility of IT staff augmentation is one of its main advantages. As a result, businesses are able to hire workers to meet their immediate demands. To meet the needs of the hour for a specific period of time, businesses might replace their regular personnel with qualified individuals. The businesses avoid additional expenses associated with permanent hiring, such as employee provident funds and health insurance, thanks to this flexible hiring. 

On the other hand, it allows experts the adaptability to operate according to projects. Only excellent initiatives of your choosing are permitted. Because of this, both parties benefit and are in a win-win situation. This effectively and economically bridges the professional skills gap between the supply and demand. Therefore, advantages of staff augmentation serve the interests of the employees and employers in a unique way by allowing recruiting on the fly.

Bottom Line 

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