Client :  NEXT 11

Next 11 is a prominent sports company dedicated to the development and advancement of athletes in various sports disciplines, with a specific focus on football and hockey.

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next 11

Challenges encountered

  • Next 11 sought to enhance player tracking and performance analysis in football and hockey.They needed advanced software solutions tailored to their specific requirements.
  • The goal was to create applications compatible with various devices for real-time tracking during practice and matches. Data analysis needed to be fast and accessible to coaches during training sessions.



  • Collaborative efforts made to create cutting-edge applications using twenty-gram sensors.
  • Revolutionising player tracking and performance analysis in football and hockey.
  • Applications designed to seamlessly transmit live player movement and ball interaction data to an Edge device at the sideline.
  • Real-time processing and analysis of the collected data performed by the Edge device.
  • Coaches could access detailed performance overviews of each player instantly on their tablets.
  • Tracked actions automatically extracted and pushed to both the coach’s app and individual players’ profiles.




  • Utilised sensor technology to track player movements and ball interactions during practice and matches.
  • Real-time data transmission to the Edge device for processing and analysis.
  • Detailed player performance overview delivered directly to coaches’ tablets.
  • Tracked actions automatically stored in the coach’s app and players’ profiles.
  • Compatibility on various devices.


Technology Used:

  • React Native, 
  • Firebase, 
  • Typescript, 
  • Redux, 
  • Expo, 
  • NodeJS, 
  • Python (for machine learning prediction models).

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