Client : LONI AI

Loni AI (Logical Objective Network Intelligence) is a pioneering company that revolutionises network management with its innovative approach. Loni’s platform transcends device, vendor, and infrastructure limitations, offering an agnostic solution for organisations to efficiently manage their networks.

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Loni AI

Challenges Encountered

  • Revolutionise network management practices with an innovative approach.
  • Develop web and mobile applications to efficiently monitor and manage networks.
  • Create custom solutions tailored to meet Loni AI’s specific requirements.
  • Ensure the applications work seamlessly with Loni AI’s agnostic platform.


  • Developed a web application with a powerful interface for comprehensive network monitoring and management.
  • Implemented features for visualising network infrastructure, analysing performance metrics, and real-time issue troubleshooting.
  • Created mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms to provide remote network monitoring and management.
  • Enabled real-time alerts and access to critical network information on the go.


Loni AI


  • Web application with an intuitive interface for network monitoring and management.
  • Comprehensive features for visualising infrastructure and analysing performance metrics.
  • Real-time issue troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, offering remote network monitoring and management.
  • Real-time alerts and access to critical network information on mobile devices.


Loni AI

Technologies Used:

  • React JS, 
  • React Native, 
  • Typescript, 
  • RTK.

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