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Over the past ten years, there has been a considerable change in web development patterns. While the previous ten years were devoted to issues like improving web page security, the emergence of cloud-based solutions, accessibility, and the development of mobile apps, the current ten years are now more concerned with ongoing innovations, as well as technological flexibility and interconnectivity.

You must keep informed if you want to succeed. Let’s examine the newest web development trends and what is changing in the huge field of web development.


Why Is It Important to Know Web Development Trends?

Being familiar with web development trends gives you more opportunities for business growth, knowledge of the latest technologies and how to respond to them, but also for learning what obstacles, issues, and problems your dev team may come across and how to avoid them.As a result, it enables you to produce a flawless finished good. People will adore your product, they’ll enjoy your website, and you’ll be able to amass a clientele of devoted patrons.

Top 5 Development Trends in 2022

1. Websites in Dark Mode

The dark mode theme has gained popularity over the past several months, and users have generally praised it. A study by Android Authority found that in March 2020, 91.8% of individuals used dark mode whenever it was an option. Applications like Facebook and Twitter each include an easy-to-use option that allows users to switch it according to their preferences. The following are some advantages of using Dark Mode UI in web development:

  • It cuts down on blue light and prolongs battery life.
  • It facilitates access to UI content.
  • reduces eye fatigue in low-light situations

2.Progressive Web Applications

PWA is a mobile website with the usability, user-enablement, internet speed, and the experience of a mobile application. The PWA apps can be installed without going to the Google Play or Apple App Store. You can get the app from the business’ website by going there. Progressive web apps are used by organizations like Starbucks, Uber, Pinterest, and many more to improve performance and customer experience. In 2021, 9% of eCommerce institutions invested in Progressive Web Applications, according to a Statista survey. The benefits of updating or creating web applications with PWAs are as follows:


  • shorter loading times
  • less expensive development
  • Continuous Maintenance

3.Internet of Things

The newest and most popular trend in the IT industry is the Internet of Things. It has made it possible for wearable technology and home appliances to communicate and exchange information online. In order to provide people with service as swiftly and effectively as possible, these devices have sensors and software incorporated in them. According to a Statista report, the market for IoT devices will grow to 25.4 billion by 2030.The benefits of this technology are:

  • It gathers data and uses analysis to improve customer service.
  • Better business opportunities
  • It delivers prompt, accurate results.

4.. Web Development and Cyber Security

Nowadays, cyberattacks are a major worry. Due to the rise in cybercrimes, daily businesses with websites have already started using tools like Google Authenticator, Patch Management, Firewalls, and many others for authentication and verification to thwart attacks. Large industries with vast amounts of data, like the health and banking sectors, are more vulnerable to assaults, necessitating intrusion-resistant security mechanisms. Additionally, this year there is a high demand for professionals in the field of IT security. Following are some advantages of cybersecurity in web development:

  • utilizes advanced encryption and security measures to protect data
  • safeguards against unwanted access and data leaks

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Page is an open-source HTML-based framework, designed for web pages to load faster to provide a super quick experience. One of the most prevalent technologies with around 35% of websites developed with this technology among the most popular websites.

In comparison to non-AMP web pages, which take at least 22 seconds to load, AMP-built web pages load in about 2 seconds. The benefits of creating webpages with AMP include:

  • It lowers UX costs.
  • Loads web pages faster and reduces the bounce rate
  • Easy optimization for search engines

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Bottom Line

The newest web development trends that you can use in 2022 are given below. In addition to this, there are some other considerations that you should make while creating your website. For example, incorporating any of the cutting-edge technologies into your website may be expensive, but doing so will be time well spent as they will help you protect your company, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.For a deeper discussion with our professionals, connect with us if you have any questions about the trends listed above or if you have any requirements for website construction.