The Difference Between 1.000$ Website vs. 10.000$ Website  

Еxaggerating? I think not. Having a 1.000$ website cannot be the same as having a 10.000$ one. In this article, we will present to you the differences between the websites and also the benefits of having each one of them.

Let’s do a brief comparison between the sites- shall we start with the price? Pages that cost less, more than often will turn out worse than the pricier ones. Even though that might not always be the case, sometimes you need to pay more, to receive more. 

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This article includes: 


Why would you want a cheaper website?

If you’re an owner of a small firm, you’d most likely opt for a smaller, and more budget-friendly site. You wouldn’t go all out and choose a super expensive site. You wouldn’t want a complicated and huge website either. That would just be a waste of money because smaller companies offer a smaller range of products or services.

No matter if you’re an owner of a small or a big company, you might want a simples looking site. That’s totally fine because often, even bigger firms have simple pages. But be careful, because simple is not always cheap. Do your research first. 

You owning a business doesn’t guarantee you having the budget for whole website development. Sometimes, the cost of the site is bigger than the actual budget you one. This is the main reason why businesses opt for simpler, smaller, and cheaper websites. 

That’s also a thing because some website development companies have lots of benefits and lots of reasons to develop great websites for less. Continue reading and find out why.


 Why would someone offer a great website, for cheaper? 

Technically speaking, when you transfer your work offshore, you instantly get work done for less money. That’s something that lots of companies do. The main reason is that, offshore, there are people who would work for a smaller paycheck. This often happens in different parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

There is a thing called a pre-built site. This is achieved by using sites, such as WordPress, and they have tons of website templates to choose from. Companies might take one of the templates, give it a few custom changes, and sell it to you.

When developing a web page, you need to take care of the visual and the hidden part of the webpage. Sadly, the visual part is the easier and less time-consuming one. The real deal is the hidden part of the website, and it needs to be organized. If the hidden part of the page is chaotic, the page will be super slow and it will convert less. 

Reasons to choose a more expensive website.

We’ll explain to you all in detail in the following text, but let’s give you a brief. Having an expensive site will spare you trouble. You will get an SEO site, good internal structure, fast loading speed. Sounds amazing. You will spend your money only once, not twice or triple. Spending more money at the beginning increases your chances of having a successful site, not just a good looking one.


The 1.000$ website 


For 1000$, your chances of getting an optimized app are minimal. They are even quite close to non-existent. But, SEO is a huge deal, as mentioned above. If you don’t get your website optimized, you’d never get to the #1 page of Google. And also, if you don’t have an already optimized site, you’ll need to pay extra for that service. 


Generally speaking, cheaper websites are usually slower than their more expensive relatives. If you’re surfing the net, there’s nothing more frustrating than a slow site. You’re not going to stick around and wait for the page to load, you’ll just skip to the next one. That’s bad for business. 


As we already mentioned, cheaper websites are often not optimized. Because of this reason, they won’t generate good content, they won’t grow, and they won’t help you grow your business. If a webpage doesn’t promote you, it is the same as if you don’t have one.


Is there anything worse than an unhappy, unsatisfied customer? I think not. If you don’t make your clients happy you won’t sell a thing. In every business, there’s a rule- the customers always right. Even when they aren’t. No matter the reason, if you get an unhappy client, your chances of selling something hit zero.


Short answer: yes, sure. The long one? Cheaper websites may have lots of flaws. Even if you’re certain about the development company and its reputation. The risk when getting work done for less is that you will do it twice, and it will cost you twice as much. 


This is another risk you’re willing to take when opting for a cheaper site. Because of the internal site chaos and the lack of SEO, your cheap website might not be the right one for your business. That’s why you’ll be forced to pay more to get another website. Bad for you, bad for your business, and bad for clients also. 


Cheaper sites often have security issues. This means that information that is given on this site might leak. That’s a red flag for most companies and customers as well. Security should be a priority of your website and having an issue with this might ruin your reputation.


One last thing- having a cheaper webpage might not bloom up your business. It might not make your sales go up and it might not promote you. but, when you start questioning all these things, people will say that you’re not spending enough money on promotions and ads. Not true. Your webpage needs to present you on the Internet. Ads are something extra. You don’t need a site to post ads. So, ads and websites are not necessarily bound to each other’s existence. One can exist without the other and vise versa.


 A 10.000$ website 

Sounds extra expensive, right? Well, it sure is. But, you will retrieve all the money you gave in no time! You’ve already read all the stuff you (don’t) get from cheaper sites. Now, reverse every one of them, and you will come up with the benefits of more expensive sites. Expensive sites are search engine optimized, with fast loading speed. They are secure, your customers will sure be happy. Why wouldn’t they be, right? There are many, many reasons to choose the more expensive one.

Can you get a decent looking webpage for cheap? 

As we previously said, yes, you absolutely can! But beware that cheaper is not always better. We mentioned all the reasons why would a company develop webpages for cheap and those reasons might not always be good. You might get a site for cheap from a well-known company, but that site might not be what you’re looking for.

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We’re finally at the end of this post. To give you a summary, there are good firms that will give out great sites for cheaper, but there are also firms that will give you bad sites. You should always do your research, ask a few of your fellow friends or associates for their opinion. You can always surf the web and find some pretty valuable articles on this subject. Using different social media might also be of great help. Remember, it’s better to pay more and get a one-time quality than to pay less multiple times.

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