How 5G Will Change Future Mobile Apps

Currently, the world is using the 4G network and people are pretty satisfied with it and its effect on mobile apps and websites. It offers us fast internet, fast downloading speed, etc. Let us give you all a brief on the development of the networks:



Nowadays, the 5G network is becoming an all-time favorite topic. People like to discuss it, whether they are experts or amateurs, people that have seen proof of 5G networking, and people that are just obsessed with random conspiracy theories. Either way, it all comes down to the 5G and its impact on people and the whole world in general. But you’re not here for the random small talks, you’re here to see how will the 5G network affect mobile apps, and we’re here to answer you that. after this, you might as well read our previous post on mobile apps vs. mobile websites- Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website: Choose The Right One


In this post, we will discuss the impact that the 5G network will have on existing mobile apps, apps that are in the process of development, and apps that are yet to be developed. 


First and foremost- let’s answer the BIG question: 

What is 5G network?

Some people have the wrong idea that 5G is a modified version of 4G. but – NO. 5G is an entirely new network type that is soon to be released worldwide. 

The 5G network sounds quite promising- it should offer us better connectivity, better signal, and greater speed. But, we can all just assume and let time tell us. 

The network offers 10 GB/s, which is a whole lot more than its ‘ancestors’ have ever offered us.


What are the benefits of a 5G network and how will it affect mobile apps? 


It doesn’t matter if we talk about surfing the net, posting Instagram stories, or sharing pieces of our minds on Twitter, things will be a lot faster. sometimes, more than usual, we are bothered by the time-consuming process of posting something on social media because of the poor internet connection, with 5G we are promised to wait no more, because of it’s speed. 

If you’re interested in how this will help you and your mobile app, well- clients that have access to 5G network will be able to start the app, use the app and sign up on the app a lot quicker than your 4G- clients.

With the 5G rising, so will data connecting. This can be good- this can be bad. Most of the time, it ends up badly for both the client and the company because private info can end up in the wrong place. That’s why, privacy will become the main focus for companies, especially the big ones. Also, privacy will be a main goal for the development companies. Once the info is leaked, it cannot be put back in.

It’s not all bad news when it comes to the 5g network. With the era of 5G, you will have the best apps possible, no matter if you’re the client or the owner. Mobile apps with videos, images, GIFs and other digital stuff will literally- BLOOM.


To sum it all up, the 5G network offers great things according to experts, and with its speed, we’ll be able to open pages, post stuff, and use apps, without really ‘waiting it out’. We mentioned that privacy can be an issue. But to be honest, we think that by the time 5G becomes a worldwide trend, the whole privacy issue will be settled and we won’t have to worry about that. 

All we have left is to wait for a little while, let the experts do their thing. After all, we’ll see how everything works out in the end.


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